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Top 3 Autumn Gardening Projects for Australian Gardeners

By Admin on 27-03-2020

We all remember the children’s story of ‘Goldie Locks and the Three Bears’ and how when she tries the porridge; one was too hot, one was too cold, but there was one that was just right.

Autumn in the garden is like the porridge that was just right, I often think about it as the ‘Sweet Spot’ of the gardening calendar. The heat of summer has passed, and the cool of winter is yet to come.

With this in mind, I’ll share with you my top three autumn gardening projects for these cooler...

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LITTLE JESS® Dianella caerulea 'DCMP01'

By Admin on 01-12-2019

There are many cultivars of Dianella caerulea on the market at the moment and over the years we have seen many inferior forms come and go. One that has stood the test of time has been LITTLE JESS® Dianella caerulea 'DCMP01'.

The secret to Little Jess’s success? Essentially the short spreading rhizome gives Little Jess the ability to fill in gaps for a total groundcover. Combine this with vibrant green strappy foliage, Spring to early Summer purple star flowers, purple berries and wide range...

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Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum'

By Admin on 01-10-2019

Purple Fountain Grass, (Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’), is a tall-growing ornamental grass from South Africa which grows 1 to 1.5 metres tall X 1-1.5m wide. Its foliage, which remains a striking burgundy red to bronze colour for most of the year in mild climates, seems relevant for discussion in Autumn.

Purple Fountain Grass also features large, attractive cream feathery flowers held above the foliage during Spring, Summer and Autumn. Notably, flowers are completely sterile so it will not...

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Australian Ornamental Grasses for Children’s Play Spaces

By Admin on 01-10-2019

Children’s playgrounds have come a long way since the lonely metal slides, swings and mown grass that many of us grew up with. Many modern playgrounds include areas that encourage various types of play. This may include: active; free; quiet; social; imaginative; creative; exploratory and natural play spaces.

Increasingly, children’s playgrounds include natural play spaces, offering a blend of natural areas, environmental features and plants. With good design, a variety of play activity can...

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PENNISETUM - Friend and Foe

By Admin on 01-09-2019

Pennisetum species are warm-season grasses that are native to many parts of the world, including Australia. Pennisetum range in form from grasses suitable for lawns, i.e. Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum), to medium/large tussocks that have been used as garden plants. The Australian species is Pennisetum alopecuroides, and it is a tussock form and makes an ideal garden plant. Gardeners Planthub sells a number of popular cultivars of Pennisetum alopecuroides. We also sell one species from...

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Meadow Gardens

By Admin on 01-09-2019

These colourful, exquisite and seemingly ‘wild’ garden expanses, usually associated with Europe or America, are adored by many gardeners – for a good reason, they are beautiful! Unfortunately, Meadow Gardens are rarely used in Australia. This is a shame because these naturalistic masterpieces can be reinvented in so many ways. Hopefully, we can inspire you to create a little bit of ‘meadow wilderness’ in your patch of the world, incorporating some of the plants sold by Gardeners Planthub...

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Landscape Stairs - let your imagination run wild however get the dimensions right!

By Admin on 01-08-2019

Stairs can be an integral feature in many landscapes. In the right hands, they become a palette where creativity runs wild and plants soften rigid construction materials. For some inspiration, check out landscape stair photos on the Gardeners Planthub Pinterest Board

Materials and gardening themes may vary, however, the dimensions of stairs are universal. Poorly designed stairs are uncomfortable and dangerous to use – regardless of how amazing...

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Guidelines for Successful Reedbed Wastewater Systems.

By Admin on 01-07-2019


Approximately 12% of Australian households are not connected to centralised sewerage systems and hence use on-site technologies for the management of their wastewater (Geary and Gardner, 1996 in [1]). In 2001 the failure rate for on-site sewage management systems (eg septic tanks) in the Lismore City Council area was found to be 44% [2]. In Europe, constructed wetlands (reed beds) are increasingly being adopted [1]. Given these figures and the many studies confirming the...

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10 Fun and Practical uses for Lomandra

By Admin on 01-06-2019

Lomandra is an extremely popular, attractive and hardy tufted, strappy leaf plant native to most regions Australia. It has arching green leaf blades emerging from a central crown. The species can range in height from 10 cm to 1.8 metres. Flowers are dioecious ie male and female flowers grow on different plants. This is relevant as the female flowers are spikey and male flowers are not, enabling non-spikey varieties to be selected for areas such as children’s play spaces or pedestrian...

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Maintenance of Grasses

By Admin on 01-05-2019

While the maintenance requirements of native grasses and strappy leafed plants are minimal, they are like all landscape plants and some management is necessary to keep them looking at their best. Trimming is the primary maintenance requirement of these plants, however, fertilising, mulching and some watering is also beneficial.

The plant profiles on the Gardeners Planthub website detail the maintenance requirements of each plant in our selection. Maintenance...

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Winter is coming

By Admin on 01-05-2019

Some simple gardening activities can help your much-loved garden plants not only survive the winter months but be well prepared for spring as well. These tips apply to the south-eastern portion of Australia in particular.

Before we get to the practical stuff, here are some facts to assist your winter gardening decision making:

  • * Water has insulating properties. This is particularly relevant for soil moisture and water in plant cells
  • * Mulch is also insulating

Native Grasses can be formal too!

By Admin on 01-04-2019

Minimalism. It’s here to stay. The design of our homes and interiors are more simplistic than they have ever been. It follows that formal garden design is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, invigorated with outdoor living areas and water sculpture. Yes, there is still a place in all our hearts for the flamboyant cottage garden that our grandparents had and part of my garden is still like this. However, the success of the formal eye-catching garden design coupled with modern architecture...

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By Admin on 01-03-2019

It’s all about the unique sculptural foliage of this landscape sedge. Twizzler’s cylindrical stems are twisted, glaucous and like nothing, you have encountered before. Twizzler caused much excitement when it emerged among the thousands of sedges we grow here.  "The first time I saw this new plant I knew that this was going to be something very special," said Craig Waters, Managing Director of Gardeners Planthub.

After extensive trialling in our nursery and at the Ozbreed demonstration...

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We Have A New Name

By Admin on 23-11-2015

Bluedale Plants Online Now Known as `The Plant Hub`

In November 2013 ‘Bluedale Wholesale Nursery’ established ‘Bluedale Plants Online’, an online nursery designed for home gardeners as an easy way for them to access many of the popular plants used by Landscape Designers. Many of the products offered through the website had previously only been available to landscape professionals. As the popularity of the online nursery grew and customer requests for plants not currently being sold on the...

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Soil pH - why is it so important?

By Admin on 20-07-2015

Soil pH is tricky to describe in detail and dare I say it …… a little boring! (Apologies here to chemistry buffs.) Before your mind glazes over while I discuss soil pH levels, tests, and treatments ……………….. the single most important thing you need to come away from this article understanding is that soil pH has a dramatic effect on nutrient availability.

We’ll return to this again after a pH ‘crash course’.

What is pH

pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in water. The pH scale ranges...

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Grasses and Succulents - who knew they could look so good?

By Admin on 08-07-2014

Ornamental grasses and succulents planted together. Sounds a little crazy I know, however it works exceptionally well.

It’s a planting scheme regularly adopted by famous designers from all over the globe such as Oehme van Sweden, Franchesca Watson, Andrea Cochrane and Bernard Trainer just to name a few.

As garden companions, grasses and succulents have similar needs. Both have relatively low water requirements and do well in full sun; both generally appreciate a well-drained soil, and both...

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