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Hedera Ivy Variegated - A quick growing groundcover plant with a lush appearance

Variegated Hedera Ivy is a popular evergreen groundcover plant that adds texture to the garden with its large glossy, variegated leaves. It is very a hardy plant that will form a dense cover over the ground and can be used to trail over retaining walls.

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Hedera Variegated

Hedera variegated ivy typically has green and white or yellow markings, it is native to Europe and commonly called Pittsburgh Ivy, English Ivy or just Ivy. This evergreen vine or ground cover has small to medium ivy or lobed shaped variegated leaves with a heart-shaped base. Grows best in bright light, can handle direct morning sun but is best sheltered from the direct afternoon sun. To maintain the bright colour and variegation be sure to give it plenty of light as too much shade can cause it to revert back to it's non variegated form.

Height & Width

To 30 cm high and with a spread of 2 to 4 metres

Flowers and Fruit

Indescript flowers


Full morning sun to part shade

Soil Type

Wide range of soils, in sandy soils we recommend improving with compost to help hold moisture


Prune and direct runners as needed to contain its spread

Planting Rates

1 to 3 per square metre depend on speed of coverage

Thu 01 Aug 2019
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