Themeda 'Big Blue' - is a large growing Kangaroo grass with blue foliage, Australian online nursery - The Plant Hub

Themeda 'Big Blue' - is a large growing Kangaroo grass with blue foliage

Themeda ‘Big Blue’ is a large growing native Kangaroo Grass with blue foliage and towering seed head that can reach 1.6 metres tall in good soil conditions. It is ideal for creating grass planting borders, and the blue foliage is a good backdrop for other plants with contrasting foliage colours.

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Themeda australis `Big Blue`

Themeda australis ‘Big Blue’ is a select made from growing thousands of seed-grown native Kangaroo grasses. 'Big Blue' is a robust grass suited to a wide range of climates and soil types from Melbourne to Canberra and into south-eastern Queensland. Like most Kangaroo Grass, there is no issue with self-seeding, so it is safe to use, knowing you will not create an environment weed as some other grasses do. Themeda ‘Big Blue’ contrasts beautifully with variegated grasses and looks great with red foliage plants.

Sun 01 Sep 2019
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