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Silver Grass also called Variegated Miscanthus adds colour to the garden

Silver Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass for more extensive gardens. It grows to 1.2 metres tall by the same width and has gorgeous arching variegated leaves in green and creamy white stripes that run the full length of the leaves. It flowers in late summer to autumn with reddish tinged flower heads.

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Miscanthus sinensis `Variegatus`

Silver Grass is also known as Variegated Feather Grass or Variegated Silver Grass. It is a bigger growing ornamental grass suited to more extensive gardens. It has long arching variegated foliage and reddish tinged flower heads that appear above the plant in late summer and autumn. It is ideal as a screening plant to hide neighbours or unsightly objects. As a screening plant, it is perfect for making garden rooms. The flower heads and foliage move in the breeze to create movement in the garden.

Tue 08 Jul 2014
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