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Canary Island Ivy - A quick growing groundcover plant with a lush appearance

Canary Island Ivy is a popular evergreen groundcover plant that adds a lushness to the garden with its large glossy leaves. It is very a hardy plant that will form a dense cover over the ground and can be used to trail over retaining walls.

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Hedera canariensis

Hedera canariensis, commonly known as Canary Island Ivy, is native to the Canary Islands and regions along the Atlantic Coast of North Africa. It will grow in a wide range of climates, from the cooler climates of Victoria and Canberra to more temperate climates of coastal NSW and Queensland. It is a vigorously growing plant and, once established, will form a blanket of foliage to 30 cm deep over the ground as it climbs over itself. It can also climb fences and walls to create a green wall effect. We recommend care be taken when allowing it to climb walls of houses as the roots will cling to brickwork or cladding and can be hard to remove and leaves permanent marks. As a groundcover, it is fairly easy to contain by regular pruning and directing of runners.

Thu 01 Aug 2019
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